partner system

The partner system – explanation


One of the most important points for us has been an attractive, but above all, functioning partner system. On the one hand it should be fun to inspire new people for our program (of course always with the appropriate risk note), but at the same time the system must be flexible and above all, sustainable. The classic system as we know it from this scene, whereupon a commission is paid once per invested amount, is neither sustainable nor stable and in most cases lays the foundation for a so-called snowball system.

For this reason, we have taken a lot of time to develop a sustainable and functioning partner system.

We offer a 6-stage partner system, whereby the first 4 stages are not activated directly at the beginning, but only after a small minimum investment. This system should prevent the so-called “Ref-Hunter” from scattering your affiliate link and publishing it by means of spam and other unsightly methods. The last two levels (5 & 6) can be activated for larger investments.


The commission in our system resembles a profit share of those you, or your affiliates, have recruited.
For each active investment of your partners, you receive a profit share for each settlement cycle (i.e. every week for Index Investment). However, so that the investor himself does not have to forgo his money or shares of his profits, we distribute the profit shares from the commission collected by us again. The amounts individually taken for themselves are of course not very high, but can bring in the mass and in the depth quickly a beautiful, real, passive income.

A realistic example:

  • An investor invests $90 and only recruits two more investors.
  • Each additional investor recruits two new investors, who enter with the smallest package of 90,-$.
  • Thus you have 16 investors in your 4th level.

With 4% weekly yield and a commission of 39% in this example already brings you over one hundred euros per year (approx. 2.35 € / week) in addition. And that only because you have enrolled only two further partners. Nothing further.
Who even even the own additional 5. and 6. level unlocked, can already finance a small vacation in the year in this simple example, which was calculated very reservedly.

The partner program should above all be an interesting, but also sustainable incentive to be able to recommend with a clear conscience. However, the priority is still to have a good, alternative investment opportunity.

Another example with other numbers illustrates how it works:

  • You have recruited me (A has recruited B)
  • I have a $90 package (B has a $90 package)
  • Now 2% profit is generated per week
  • That’s a $1.80 win.
  • Of this $1.80 profit, the operator retains 39%, so = $0.70
  • Of this $0.70 the operator has earned, 37% now go away as follows:
  • Level 1 receives A (for B, because B is his direct partner) 10% = $ 0.07
  • Level 2 A gets (B advertised C) 7% = $0.05
  • Level 3 A gets (C has recruited D) 5% = $0.04
  • Level 4 gets A (D advertised E) 5% = $ 0.04
  • Level 5 A gets (E advertised F) 5% = $0.04
  • Level 6 A gets (F advertised G) 5% = $0.04

What happens if you lose?

If in one week no profits but losses are made, no partner commission will be paid out. This is simply impossible, as there are no profits on which we as the operator can charge a commission and therefore no affiliate commission can be paid out of this non-existent commission.

In case of a loss of one week, the corresponding percentage loss will be deducted from all active investment packages. The residual value of the package remains and will be worked on in the following week. For the next positive return, the actual residual value of the active investment of the package will be used as the basis for the return calculation and thus also the commission calculation.